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Alan Clews

Alan Clews

Alan Clews is a scriptwriter and novelist. Born in Paisley, he now lives with his family in Wimbledon.

He wrote two Plays for Today: THE GOOD TIME GIRLS and ALIENS, both of which were well-received and repeated by the BBC, the former winning the Pharic McClaren Award.

He created and wrote MADE IN HEAVEN,  a four-part comedy-drama series for ITV about the comedy and drama of weddings. He also wrote DEAR BOX NO, a single play for ITV which starred Julia Mackenzie and Bernard Hepton.

He’s written numerous episodes of television series including: LOVEJOY (BBC/Witzend); LOVE HURTS (BBC/Alamo); BOON (Central TV); EL CID (Granada); SHINE ON HARVEY MOON (Central TV/Witzend); THE BRETTS (Central TV); ELLINGTON (YTV) and PEAK PRACTICE (Carlton TV).

Alan has published two novels: A CHILD OF AIR (Headline) and THE BAY OF NAPLES (Polygon). He’s developed a film script for A CHILD OF AIR with Makar Productions and he’s currently working on a third novel.

He’s written a number of stories and articles for magazines and newspapers such as Edinburgh Review, Tribune and The New Statesman.

Alan Brodie Representation, 14 The Barbon Buildings, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4QH

+44 (0)20 7253 6226

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