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Alan Clews

Alan Clews is a scriptwriter and novelist. Born in Paisley, he now lives with his family in Wimbledon.

He wrote two Plays for Today: THE GOOD TIME GIRLS and ALIENS, both of which were well-received and repeated by the BBC, the former winning the Pharic McClaren Award.

He created and wrote MADE IN HEAVEN,  a four-part comedy-drama series for ITV about the comedy and drama of weddings. He also wrote DEAR BOX NO, a single play for ITV which starred Julia Mackenzie and Bernard Hepton.

He’s written numerous episodes of television series including: LOVEJOY (BBC/Witzend); LOVE HURTS (BBC/Alamo); BOON (Central TV); EL CID (Granada); SHINE ON HARVEY MOON (Central TV/Witzend); THE BRETTS (Central TV); ELLINGTON (YTV) and PEAK PRACTICE (Carlton TV).

Alan has published two novels: A CHILD OF AIR (Headline) and THE BAY OF NAPLES (Polygon). He’s developed a film script for A CHILD OF AIR with Makar Productions and he’s currently working on a third novel.

He’s written a number of stories and articles for magazines and newspapers such as Edinburgh Review, Tribune and The New Statesman.

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