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Cat Goscovitch

Cat Goscovitch

Cat Goscovitch grew up in Northumberland. Her father was the playwright, C. P Taylor, best known for GOOD and her mother was a therapist. 

She escaped to London as a teenager and recorded the album Fantanicity in 1996 for Sony under the name Nut. Described at the time as a “little known masterpiece", it was championed by DJ's Phill Jupitus, Mark Radcliffe and Jo Whiley. But following its release, Cat was forced to take time off from music when she contracted an autoimmune disease. 

As part of her battle to get well she went to China to study Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, where she met 34th generation Shaolin Disciple Shifu Yan Lei. She went on to produce his teaching DVDs and books worldwide. She lives in London with him and their seven-year-old daughter. 

Cat Goscovitch is the writer of independent feature film THE TURTLE AND THE SEA (2016), which won best local picture at The Birmingham Film Festival and is available on Amazon Prime. She has written a radio play, THE WOOD CUTTER, about an English woman's friendship with a Yazidi refugee. She has written a play, A Russian Doll (2021), directed by Nicholas Kent, which had its world premiere at The Barn.

She is currently creating and writing the TV series Tribe, about war and belonging, and the TV series,  Giant, based on her experience in the music business.

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