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Frederic Raphael

Frederic Raphael

Frederic Raphael collaborated with the late Kenneth McLeish on many translations from Greek and Latin, including Catullus, and the works of Aeschylus, as well as Euripides’ BACCHAE, AJAX and MEDEA, in which Fiona Shaw starred in London and on Broadway. Raphael’s translation of Petronius’ SATYRICA was published in 2003.


His original screenplays include: DARLING, for which he won an Academy Award, and TWO FOR THE ROAD. He also wrote the screenplays of FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD; DAISY MILLER and Stanley Kubrick’s last film EYES WIDE SHUT. EYES WIDE OPEN, his account of working with Kubrick was translated into many languages. His autobiography A SPOILT BOY was published in 2003.


He is also the author of twenty novels, including: THE LIMITS OF LOVE; LINDMANN; THE GLITTERING PRIZES; HEAVEN AND EARTH; AFTER THE WAR; A DOUBLE LIFE and COAST TO COAST (filmed in 2003 starring Judy Davis and Richard Dreyfuss). His volumes of short stories include OXBRIDGE BLUES and ALL HIS SONS. He has written biographies of Byron and Somerset Maugham, and several collections of essays, of which THE BENEFITS OF THE DOUBT is the latest. The latest volume of Raphael’s notebooks, ROUGH COPY, was published in 2004.

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