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Corin Redgrave


Corin Redgrave

As well as having been a world-renowned actor, Corin had two books published: JULIUS CAESAR (Faber & Faber's Actors on Shakespeare series, 2002) and MICHAEL REDGRAVE - MY FATHER (RCB Fourth Estate, 1995).


During his life he was a regular contributor to and editor of The Marxist - a bi-monthly journal of politics and current affairs. His radio play BLUNT SPEAKING (BBC Radio 4, 2001) was produced as a stage play in 2002 at Chichester Festival Theatre. Other radio credits are ST LUCY for Pier Productions (BBC R4, 2003); FOOL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (BBC R4, 2000) and ROY AND DAISY (BBC R4, 1998). Corin died on 6th April 2010.

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