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Gillian Hanna


Gillian Hanna

Gillian Hanna studied at Trinity College Dublin from where she graduated with a First Class degree in Modern Languages. She then worked as an actress and translator. In 1975 she was a co-founder of The Monstrous Regiment, the touring feminist company with whom she worked extensively for fifteen years. Her book about the company, MONSTROUS REGIMENT: A COLLECTIVE CELEBRATION is published by Nick Hern Books, and her essay AN AGE OF INNOCENCE was published in Dublin as part of the collection TRINITY TALES – TRINITY COLLEGE IN THE SIXTIES.

Translations include: DIALOGUE BETWEEN A PROSTITUTE AND ONE OF HER CLIENTS by Dacia Maraini and Marivaux’ THE COLONY (both for Monstrous Regiment); AUNT AGGIE’S HOOCH by Philippe Gaulier; A DAY AT MY MOTHER’S by Charlotte de Turckheim for the West Yorkshire Playhouse; THE FAULT LINE by Massimo Bavastro for Croydon Warehouse Theatre; THE NORTHERN FOX by Noelle Renaude for the Royal Court Theatre; SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE by Philippe Gaulier; TITA LOU by Catherine Anne for the Meeting Ground Theatre Co.; DEJAVU by Edoarda Erba for Croydon Warehouse; PIRANDELLO x 3 for the New End Theatre;  DO YOU LOVE ME and GENOA 01 by Fausto Paravidino for The Royal Court Theatre; BUCCHETINO (THE TALE OF THUMBKIN) for the 2001 LIFT Festival (performed at Battersea Arts Centre); LES JUSTES by Albert Camus for the Gate Theatre London; DON’T LOOK TO TOMORROW by Filippo del Corno for the Almeida Opera Project; SONG FOR FALLUJAH by Francesco Niccolini for Croydon

Warehouse; and EVEN RATS CAN TAP DANCE by Ana Candida de Carvalho Carnera for the 2008 Royal Court Summer Residency.


Her translation of Fausto Paravidino's play THEY CAME INTO MY FIELD was aired at the Royal Court International Festival 2013.


Plays published by Methuen – ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST and ELIZABETH: ALMOST BY CHANCE A WOMAN both by Dario Fo; A WOMAN ALONE by Franca Rame and Dario Fo); and THE NORTHERN FOX by Noelle Renaude.


Gillian died in September 2019.

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