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Noël Greig


Noël Greig

Noël Greig worked in theatre and educationally-related spheres from 1967. During this time he was Artistic and Associate-Director with a range of companies: The Combination (Brighton and Deptford), Gay Sweatshop, Inter-Action, The General Will, Theatre Centre YPT, Atlantic Crossings and Necessary Stages.


He taught play writing and acting at all levels, from residences in schools (both primary and secondary) to university and college courses. He also held the post of Dramaturg at Red Ladder Theatre Co, the Crucible Theatre, Theatre Centre YPT and he tutored play writing at the Royal Court Young People's Theatre, Theatreworks (Singapore) and the Universities of Winnipeg and Reading.


Over 45 of his plays have been produced, many of which receive revivals both in the UK and worldwide. They include: BRAND NEW WORLD (Live Theatre, Newcastle); STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Shared Experience); HOOD IN THE WOOD (Roundabout, Nottingham Playhouse); TRASHED, COMMON HEAVEN, THE LAND OF WHISPERS and DREAMING IT UP (Theatre Centre YPT); FLYING INTO SUNSET (Cardboard Citizens); PICTURE ME and END OF SEASON (Red Ladder); HE IS OURS (RSC); DEAD HEROIC (Tag Theatre Glasgow); JUMP THE LIFE TO COME (7:84, Scotland); THE GOOD SISTERS (translation, Crucible Theatre); THE DEATH OF CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE (Drill Hall, London); FINAL CARGO (Major Road, Bradford); PLAGUE OF INNOCENCE (Leicester Haymarket).

He wrote two radio plays for BBC R4: ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID and BRAVE SWIMMERS. A range of his plays are published by Methuen, GMP,

Cambridge University Press and Thomas Nelson.


Noël Greig died on 9 September 2009.

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