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A Kind Of Loving

How can you think you’ve found so much and suddenly wake-up and find you’ve found nothing at all?

It’s 1962. Victor Brown is 20 years old and he’s infatuated with Ingrid Rothwell, a typist from the factory where he works. Both are from Cressley, a working-class town in West Riding, Yorkshire.  Victor soon finds his feelings for Ingrid have nothing to do with love. But Ingrid loves Victor and agrees to carrying on with their unofficial courtship in bus shelters, parks and the cinema.

Ignorance leads to Ingrid getting pregnant, and they are forced into a marriage that neither is ready for and Vic doesn’t want.  When Vic moves in with his in-laws everything changes, and the bargaining begins.

A Kind of Loving was published in 1960 and made Stan Barstow one of the key voices of the 1960’s cultural renaissance in British life.

The show runs till 16th November, you can find tickets here!


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