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We're delighted to announce that Amanda Whittingdon's modern classic BE MY BABY will be revived at Leeds Playhouse in May 2019. 

It's 1964 and The Ronettes and The Dixie Cups are riding high in the charts. 19 year old Mary is seven months pregnant when her mother delivers her into the charge of St Saviours, a church run maternity home for young, unmarried women who have made ‘one mistake.’ As they bond over records and romance, Mary, Dolores, Queenie and Norma begin to understand what it means to give their children to the Welfare Service and Mary realises she must fight to take her baby home. Featuring pop music of the period. Be My Baby is an incredibly moving story told with warmth and humour and is one of the most widely performed modern, British plays. For more information and to book tickets, please click here

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