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We're delighted to announce that Georgia Christou's THROUGH THE GATES will air on Tuesdsay 14th August at 10pm on Channel 4 as part of their new drama anthology On The Edge, and is directed by Stella Corradi and starring BAFTA winner Wunmi Mosaku.

Aimee (Ria Zmitrowicz) has spent most of her young, chaotic life in and out of prison. Tessa (Wunmi Mosaku) is the disillusioned parole officer in charge of Aimee’s welfare after her release, living her own life of organised chaos, under the watchful eye of boss, Mark (Craig Parkinson). Although from different worlds, both are trapped in cycles they can’t escape. Can they help each other find a way out? 

To read more about Georgia's work with Channel 4's 4Stories scheme. Click here

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