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Mrs Puntila and Her Man Matti opens in Edinburgh

“Money stinks. I wish I had nothing.”

When Argyll landowner Mrs Puntila is drunk, she's a generous and kind-hearted boss who convinces everyone they can have a bright future under her wing. When she's sober, she's a cruel and greedy tyrant. Behind the scenes, her shrewd chauffeur Matti irons out her drunken mishaps while pursuing a hopeless romance with her already-spoken-for daughter Eva.

Brecht’s classic master and servant comedy is given a gender-switched adaptation by award-winning novelist and playwright Denise Mina (The Detective Alex Morrow, Garnethill and Paddy Meehan series).

Mrs Puntila and Her Man Matti is running at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh until 21st March.


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