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Julian Slade's SALAD DAYS opens on the 5th September at Theatre Royal Brighton and continues it's tour across the UK until November 17th! 

It’s the sunny summer of 1954 and Timothy and Jane, who have just graduated from university, find themselves under pressure from their parents to find a job and a husband respectively. Timothy’s family send him off to meet a series of influential and increasingly eccentric uncles, while Jane’s mother lines up a string of eligible but dull potential husbands. When a passing tramp offers to pay the pair to look after his mobile piano in a park for a month, they jump at the chance, but soon discover that when the piano plays it gives everyone within earshot an irresistible and unstoppable urge to dance. Little are they prepared to deal with the choreographic hilarity, magic and madness that ensues. For more information on this touring production including venues and how to book tickets, please click here


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