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David Edgar will make his stage debut in his brand new play TRYING IT ON that will see him come face-to-face with his 20 year old self. The play continues its tour this week at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and has been generating rave reviews.  

"A moving show about activism, ageing, and the cyclical struggle against far-right populism." - The Stage ★★★★ "A hugely stimulating one man show" - The Times ★★★★

It’s 1968. David is 20. The Vietnam war rages. The world-wide student revolt is at its height. Martin Luther King is assassinated. Enoch Powell delivers his “rivers of blood” speech. These events will define David’s politics and give focus to his playwriting.

It’s 50 years on. the 70-year-old is confronted by the 20-year-old. Do they still share the same beliefs? Is it the world that’s changed, or him? Why did his generation vote Brexit? Has he sold in or sold out? For more information and to book tickets, please click here


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