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Wonderful Words from Emma Rice of Wise Children

Despite its best efforts, the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown has not managed to dampen the second birthday of our wonderful Emma Rice's theatre company Wise Children. As adversity hits, Emma's birthday celebration message takes a moment to instead reflect on the bountiful success of her company's infant years and the exciting potential this downtime has in turning her dreams into realities. We love her optimism and wanted to share her wonderful words with you all! Over to Emma...

"Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday dear…

That is the sad sound of me singing alone my kitchen… but it is also a sound that is full of love, hope and gratitude.

Yes, dear friends! Today is our second birthday and it is with great pride and joy that I am taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful adventures we have had, and the precious memories we have made. Memories that will help me through this shocking and life changing time.

I remember the three beautiful shows we have made: Wise Children, Malory Towers and Romantics Anonymous. I think about all the wonderful humanity that is held in these projects; actors, musicians, creatives, technicians, administrators and audiences. I think about how our individual experiences fizzed joyfully with those of others, creating a new shared experience. A new language has been created and a new community; a community bonded by the simple act of sharing stories.

So what do we all do now? What do we do when the community has been disbanded and we find ourselves alone? We wait, we remember and we prepare for the happy time when we will all start to fizz again.

For myself, I sing songs in my head and dance in the kitchen. As The Chance Sisters said “What a joy it is to dance and sing!” And as my Malory Towers class would say, I know I am a 'lucky girl' to have had such a vivid, genuine, life affirming first two years. I thank all of you; friends, family, colleagues and audiences alike for bringing such meaning, purpose and happiness to my life.

So, with Romantics Anonymous and Malory Towers frozen in time (both waiting for warm breath to be blown into them in the near future) what can we, at Wise Children, do?

We have some virtual pleasures planned for you, which we hope will ensure that Wise Children stays close to your hearts! We are planning live filmed podcasts and a live radio show. We have the Wise Children film coming to the BBC and, most importantly, I will be dreaming about all the stories we might share in the years to come.

In some ways, this is a dream for an artist. Suddenly, I have time to let my mind wander from the path. You know how I love the thrill of surprise! I will keep you posted as my dreams start to turn into realities.

And what can you do, dear friends? You can stay with us! Stay true, stay close - and join the Wise Children Club if you haven’t already done so. We need friends more than ever in these de-stabilising times and we want and need you to join us!

So, Happy Birthday Wise Children. Here’s to all of the Wise Children community and the wonders we have created!

Be healthy and happy and see you on the other side.

Emma x x x"


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